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2024 Guests

Voice Actors

Jenny Yokobori Headshot.jpg

Jenny Yokobori is a Japanese-American voice actress. Jenny is the youngest cast member on The Simpsons and can also be heard as Yoimiya in Genshin Impact, Wanda in One Piece, Kuromi and Cinnamoroll in Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures, as well as in Fire Emblem Heroes, Demon Souls, and more

Jenny Yokobori

Gareth West is a fun loving, 6ft 3, nerd, who has provided voices for anime for the last 9 years. He's been in
such shows as Haikyu, Food Wars, Saint Seiya, Golden Time, Tsurune, and many others. He also can be
found streaming on Twitch as well as playing the titular Red Ranger, in Red Rising: A Power Rangers Fan
Film on Youtube. He's excited to meet everybody and hope everyone has as big a blasty blast as he does!


Gareth West

Content Creators

Maisie Lynnie


Maisie Lynnie is a phenomenal variety content creator! Like many cryptids, Maisie's blurry outline has been spotted appearing from the mist of the wild Midwest. Her TikTok and Instagram are flush with inspiring creative content, Midwestern Villain energy, the machinations of the chaotic good(?), stunning makeup looks, infinite sass, brilliant hot takes on horror genre content, and even perky-yet-utterly-terrifying Midwestern BBEG (Big Bad Evil Gal.) 


Maisie has also shown herself capable of anything in the TTRPG format. Running from utilizing all her horror loving skills to navigate  a character through a terrifying and 80's themed Zepotha murder-mystery, all the way over to GMing her very own Girl Dinner meets Jimmy Buffet one shot set in a haunted Margaritaville. Her community may not always know what to expect, but they will always be entertained! 


 One look at her aesthetic, and many can sense her love of mothman, cryptids in general, and all things gothagecore. As an educated artist, Maisie has personally seen that our world receives both gorgeous imagery meant to inspire, and cursed looking creations none else would dare put to page. (... or tablet.) 

She is so excited to share her gaming talent, hysterical comedic timing, verbal evisceration of any who dare diss those in her community, and unhinged Powerpoint skills this year at Dokidokon! 


Please follow along if you’d like to laugh, cry, and ask yourself why, on a regular basis:


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Rebels.Cosplay Junkrat.JPG
Rebels.Cosplay Sophie.JPEG
Rebels.Cosplay Raphtalia.JPG

Rebels.Cosplay, who goes by she/her pronouns, is 25 years old and resides in Metro Detroit. Her journey into cosplaying began in 2013, with her first convention experience at Youmacon in 2014 sparking a deep passion for the craft. She explores various facets of cosplaying, from hunting for secondhand items to crafting props from scratch, and is an active participant in conventions.


Over the years, Rebels has refined her skills, delving into the characters' essences with each meticulously crafted cosplay. Her work captivates and motivates fellow cosplayers and fans, serving as a source of inspiration within the community.

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Uzi short for Uzileks is a professional cosplayer as well as a content creator from
Chicago who is on TikTok, Instagram, and etc. Uzi is extremely passionate about her
hobby, she loves to cosplay from medias such as for example Nikke, Genshin Impact, and

Uzi has been a cosplayer for a long time since 2013. It all started through watching My
Little Pony cosplayers (believe it or not) make videos on Youtube at such young age !
She wanted to become like one of them since she already adored Halloween and she wished
it could be halloween everyday because she loved dressing up as her favorite characters
from all sorts of medias she adored. After finding out that people do it for fun, she
wanted in and started to do everything she could to become a cosplayer! Eventually, she
began to post her own cosplays on social media in which people loved! She then made it a
goal of hers to help inspire more and more people to get into the hobby as well! She
wants to make the cosplay community a fun and enjoyable space for everyone as much as
she can.

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Musical Guests

The Harp Twins Feat. The Volfgang Twins

Harp twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt are world-famous for their innovative harp music. They blend genres, perform globally, and have millions of fans. Their unique arrangements and energetic shows entertain audiences of all ages. They are Featuring the Volfgang Twins on their double Viking Drums.

The Volfgang twins, Drømil and Drømal, are artist-musicians inspired by nature and Norse myth. Raised in the mountains, they're skilled builders who craft instruments, paint, and perform music, keeping alive the traditions of their Germanic ancestors.

Cosplay Guests

PinkOpal Cosplay


Robin – aka, Pink Opal Cosplay – started cosplaying during the pandemic in 2020. Always having a passion for special effects make-up, Robin started to delve into costuming. While attending their first convention in 2017, they were inspired to segue into cosplay while overcoming adversity and stigmas. Being a member of the LGBTQ community, Robin has utilized their stance to bring awareness and acceptance to the belief that ANYONE can cosplay! Finding an anime niche, Robin has cosplayed a multitude of characters with ease. They have hand sewn most of their costumes, and specialize in wig styling, & special effects (SFX) makeup! Robin’s award-winning costumes have inspired others to follow suit and enjoy the cosplay community!

When Robin isn’t making videos and new costumes.

Pinkopalcosplay has found a love for teaching others what they have learned on their cosplay journey through panels! From cosplay 101 where anyone can ask any question about cosplay, The stress and success of wigs a beginners guide to styling wings, and the Mayhem of makeup a in-depth look at

special effect makeup in the cosplay world!

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MyuuMarie Cosplay


Alex aka. MyuuMarie is a cosplay model, self-taught seamstress, and makeup artist from Chicago, Illinois. After going to her first convention in 2010 she fell in love with the hobby and began learning how to create her own costumes. From modeling to crafting she enjoys every aspect of cosplaying!

Myuu strives to improve her cosplays by always trying to learn new and different techniques as well as utilizing many resources to help bring the outfits and the character to life! Cosplaying for her has been an outlet for her creativity to shine through. Her goal is to share her knowledge, skill, and passion for the hobby with everyone who enjoys cosplay too.

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CERKL Creations


CERKL Creations (aka Christine) is a Midwest-based cosplayer, fashion designer, and engineer. Before knowing what “cosplay” was, Christine used to teach Star Wars lore during kid’s events at MIT, while in costume.

Since discovering this hobby, she has gained a wide range of knowledge including 3D modeling, pattern-making, molding and casting, vacuum-forming, 3D printing, sewing, leather-working, electronics, metalwork, and prosthetics. With a background in Materials Science and Electrochemistry, she enjoys finding the most obscure methods of creating costumes and props, striving to find the most realistic way to portray fictional characters. She has been recognized as an international award-winning cosplayer and some of her original fashion designs have appeared on the TV show Battlebots.

When not cosplaying or researching electric vehicle batteries, she travels around the world as an underwater photographer, and runs too many races in costume at Disney World.

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