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Dance Parties

Welcome to the many Dance Parties hosted by Dokidokon! From formal ballroom dance lessons to head banging at a neon-themed rave! Be sure to stop on by over-time as we update with more information. Go-Go Dancer Application Form will be coming soon!


gRaveyard Shift


Anime Thirst


Crave that Bass

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Formal Ball

This Years DJs


R O C K Y is a hard dance & bass music producer from the Chicagoland area of Illinois. Inspired by the EDM of Dance Dance Revolution, R O C K Y uses a blend of classic rave sounds along with modern bass design to create a musical fusion. Portraying himself as a phantom music conductor, he uses themes of ghosts, anime and classical music culture to add to his visual experience. 

He’s played in various established venues in Chicago such as Primary Nightclub, and has closed for LIL TEXAS as well as many other artists. He is also pushing the sound of hard dance in Chicago with his orchestra themed events.

When R O C K Y gets on the decks, he chooses to take many inspirations to create a roller coaster of a live performance. He isn't shy of throwing juke, hardcore, dubstep, or even memes to keep his audience on his toes. A ghost conductor from another world, R O C K Y invites you to EUPHORIA ...a world unseen, a performance unheard…


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Pagu (Jonah Tatum) is an American recording artist, funny man, and technologist hailing from the Florida panhandle. With a frivolous yet astute outlook on artistry, Pagu embodies a contagious zeal for life that saturates his music and multi-media endeavors. As a bona fide DIY artist, Pagu embraces a hands-on approach in every aspect of his craft, meticulously programming and designing each element of his online presence and vibrant live shows. This holistic involvement allows him to infuse his vibrant artistic vision into every detail of his creations. Boasting a penchant for humor and a sportive demeanor, Pagu pushes against the music industry grain of self seriousness and big-shot personas, inspiring those around him to embrace their own creative potential. Join Pagu on his dynamic musical journey, where his wide-eyed wonder and creative passion come alive through anthemic choruses, distinct visuals, and an unforgettable live experience. Immerse yourself in a world where humor, unapologetic creativity, and self-expression reign supreme.





Hazmatiq is a 24 year old bass music Producer/DJ from Indianapolis whose beats are inspired by neon-lit alleyways of a dystopian cybernetic underworld. His fusion of glitched-out melodies and basslines have been causing chaos all across the midwest since 2017. Dokidokon has proven to be a second home for Hazmatiq and will be the perfect place to issue in his new era

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Go Go Dancer Signups

Want to dance on stage during our dance party?!

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