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TEAM EVENTS+Scavenger Hunt

Team Events

What are Team Events?

Every year at Dokidokon- you'll be assigned a team color when checking in at the Registration Table, you'll then be able compete in the daily games to win points for your team! What kind of games do we play? Schoolyard Games, Competitive Building, Intense Nerf battles, crazy trivia, you name it! 

Come fight your friends, make new friends, fight THOSE friends next, and come out as the champion of that year's Dokidokon! The ultimate goal? Head-to-head compeitiotn for the wondferul braggin rights: "The Best Dokidokon Team to ever did done be a Team!" (Yeehaw!)

Meet your Team Captains!

Each color team will have a captain that will run the games, hype your team, and answer any-and-all questions you have pertaining to Team Events! Also, whichever Team Captains lose- will have to face a punishment of some kind of by the winner! (Traditionally, a pie in the face!) 

What are some of the games?

Each year we strive to balance between        introducing new and exciting games as     well as bring back the fan-favorites &   classics! We try to have a variety of                             physical & mental challenges,                        so don't let your cosplay get in                  the way of helping your team                    win! Here are a few of the games                     that we have played in previous                years!



Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge! (Dodge is important, so we say it twice) The last Team standing wins! Earn points for your team in this fast pace, heart-pounding, action packed competition! (Not for the faint of heart)


Nuff said. Try to pull your opposing teams into the ground! You'll face off against each of the other teams one-at-a-time and try to pull their champions across the line. (So intense, we've snapped a rope before!)


Do you like Trivia? ?How about Anime Trivia? Compete head to head against others teams to see who knows the most! Points are given out to those who answer correctly! All are welcome to participate, as “Pressing a Button” is the most physical exertion there is.

Name that Tune

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? And stopped at nothing to find out what it is? Earn points for using that knowledge by correctly guessing the song, the anime it came from, or the artist! Additional points given to those provide greater detail! 


What's this about a Scavenger Hunt?

The yearly scavenger hunt is a digital game where you will try to hunt for specific things to take a picture of and post it in the mobile app. The Team Captains use the GoosChase app to provide multiple objects for your team to take photos of and upload.


Now you may be asking: "But lo, oh wonderfully designed website, what sort of objectives are there?" and we've got the perfect examples for you!

  • Get a photo with one of your Team Members and a Naruto Cosplay!
    (Please get consent 1st, though!)

  • Get a picture of as many pillows as possible stacked on your hotel bed.
    (Please respect the hotel's property!)

  • Get a photo of 2 Media Team Members wearing their Taco Hats.
    (This one gets you lots of points, so be ready to snap that photo!)

These are only but a TASTE of the many fun and challenging objectives you'll be hunting for. Each team will have their own sign-in section, and you'll compete to see who can get the most objectives completed! 

The Team with the most Objectives completed, will get the most points for the Team! But remember, Teamwork is needed, because if you upload a photo that doesn't meet the criteria, it might override another person's upload that work. Don't overlap each other!

We'll be posting additional rules and instructions in our Discord Team Channels, where you can communicate with your Teammates and plan meet-ups to get photos for some of the challenges! Good Luck!

(We'll provide instructions on how to download, log in, and choose your team in the GooseChase app when we get closer to the day of the convention.)

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